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Exclusive content from your favorite athletes.

Monetize your fitness expertise,
connect with your supporters, and
grow your audience with Fitsyn.

Exclusive content
from your favourite
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Some of our features

Change the way you monetize your
content, with reoccurring monthly revenue,
locked posts, direct paid messages and
more, all at a price that you choose.

How we work

Creators set their own subscription prices and keep 80% of the fees, earning $8 per $10 subscription. They can also charge for personalized services like routines and diet plans.


Fitsyn partners with Stripe for you to receive fast and secure payments

Your Passion

Follow your passion
earning along the

Estimate your earnings

Monthly Subscription Price

You could earn an estimated $95.00 per month*

Based on a estimate of 2% of followers who subscribe
(does not include payment processor fees)

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+ What is Fitsyn?

Fitsyn is a content monetization platform, we shares similaritys with platforms like Onlyfans, Fanfix, Patreon. Fitsyn has been built with the sole focus of providing a space for athletes, coaches, and fitness creators to offer their content at a monthly fee, without the stigma of other platforms.

+ Is there nudity?

As part of Fitsyn's vision, we do not allow creators to post nudity on the platform.

+ How old do I have to be?

Fitsyn does not have a set age requirement for its users. As a creator, Stripe requires the account owner to be at least 16 years of age.